Scar Treatment

At PRETTY VALET we offer a wide range of treatments to reduce the appearance of scarring. From microneedling to laser resurfacing to help to trigger new collagen production and light treatments such as LED Luminous Lift to promote healing and skin rejuvenation. 

What is it for?

Our acne scar treatments begin with an in-depth analysis and consultation. Our microscopic injection technology produces outstanding results. This new technology has revolutionized acne scarring treatments. In the past, treatments were painful, expensive and the recovery time was often weeks! Now with Fractional resurfacing, down time and pain are minimized. Recovery time with this procedure is days, not weeks! This is one of the most gratifying advances in cosmetic medicine. You can help reduce acne scars and restore radiant skin.

Normal Treatment

Scar Peeling Solution

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Advanced Treatment

Microneedling Scar Treatment

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Scars can be caused by deep wounds or severe acne that has repeatedly damaged the same area of your skin over time. Depending on their age and severity, scars may appear as discoloured, raised skin, or ‘atrophic’ that cause the skin to dip inwards slightly. 

In the case of acne, the bacteria and dead skin cells cause your pores to become inflamed and eventually break. When wounded, your skin will be triggered to jump start the collagen production to restore the damaged cells, however in cases of bad acne it might need additional help to go back to its original condition.

There are two main types of acne scarring: ‘hypertrophic’ and ‘atrophic’ scars. Hypertrophic scarring can occur when your skin produces too much collagen to fill the wound, so you’re left with a slightly raised area on the surface of your skin. Atrophic scarring can be caused by a loss of tissue beneath the surface, which the body cannot replace. Therefore, the scarring gives your skin a dimpled appearance


One of the most common advice is, of course, not to squeeze any spots that develop. What might seem like just a little pop here and might actually force the infected material within the pimple further down into your skin, increasing the likelihood of a scar developing due to damaged cells.

With a personalised treatment regime, it’s possible to drastically reduce the appearance of scarring. Our Treatment Coordinators will device a personalised treatment plan according to your skin’s needs to ensure you achieve optimum results.