Anti-Aging Treatment

PRETTY VALET has an extensive range of non-surgical treatment that can help to restore and rejuvenate your skin without going under the knife.

What is it for?

How to tighten skin is one of the most common questions we are asked in the clinics.At PRETTY VALET, we have many rejuvenating skin treatments that can help to stimulate collagen production, improve skin texture and lift skin on both face and bodyeper layers of the skin, working to stabilize sebum production and treat acne.

Normal Treatment

Ageless Therapy

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Advanced Treatment

HIFU Anti-sagging Treatment

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Sagging skin and loss of definition can appear anywhere on the body and face, most common areas are the neck, arms and abdomen. One of the main causes of sagging skin is age. As we age, our skin tends to lose collagen and elastin, the supportive connective tissue that makes it look firm, plump and youthful. 

This process can results in sagging skin around the face, neck and body. In addition to this, facial muscles can weaken with age and eventually cause a drop. Sun exposure can also reduce skin’s elasticity. Finally, sudden weight loss, especially large amounts of weight over a short period of time, can also cause the skin to sag dramatically.


Although there isn’t much you can do to prevent the development of sagging skin, there are a few preventative measures that might be able slow down the process.  It is important to protect your skin against damage from the sun by applying SPF daily. A healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet can play a big part in your skins overall health. Incorporating the right nutrients into your diet and avoiding extreme diets that result in rapid weight loss can also help in minimising sagging skin

Following a healthy lifestyle and a regular exercise regime might not always be enough to tighten areas of loose skin. Talk to our highly experienced Treatment Coordinators and let them devise a bespoke course of skin tightening treatments to help improve your skin’s elasticity fast and effectively.